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I thought this made for an interesting read, because this is not the final script. The Social Network - PDF screenplay PDF EBook There are some things that have been changed for the actual movie: some quotes, but most notably the name of Eduardo's girlfriend (named Jenny in this draft, but Christy in the movie).

I read the script because I'd liked watching the movie. Although, like is probably a strong word. The story is just utterly heartbreaking and the script definitely did that a million times over. This script however shows how important good character interpretations by actors are - I didn't get the same sense of friendship/subtext between Mark and Eduardo reading the script as I did when watching the movie.

Also, reading this made me realize how seriously unrepresented women are in this story. Remind me again why Mark's girlfriend has been cut out? I think the script and movie make Mark out to be more of a demon than I believe him to be. But then again, till he decides to talk, we'll never know.

All in all, a decent script for a decent movie. Like this book? Read online this: Not in the Script (If Only . . . #3), Your Screenplay Sucks!.

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