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This is a catalog of major works from the 2009 art festival europalia. The State of Things - PDF Brussels/Beijing PDF EBookchina, jointly organized by the Chinese and Belgian governments and the artists Ai Weiwei and Luc Tuymans. These four agents all no doubt have different agendas, which makes the prefatory material (8 forewords, a prefatory essay, and interview with Ai and Tuymans) worth an inspection. In the prefatory essay "Some accompanying Notes to the Conceptualisation of The State of Things, Brussels | Beijing," by Philippe Pirotte, Tuymans is quoted as saying "his experience of contemporary China" had "shaken up my perception of the world a little bit, particularly on a human level. It has moved me because I feel a curiosity about a huge continent, an eagerness to learn. And I fear their desire." That last part really stays with me. Ai Weiwei has a much longer epigraph:
Neue Ideen werden also auch im 21. Jahrhundert aus dem Westen kommen mü download; ssen. Er alleine verfügt über die freien Denkfabriken, die gesellschaftlichen Alternativen produzieren können. Es liegt nicht daran, dass es uns momentan an Ehrgeizlingen fehlt — es liegt an unserem pragmatischen Charakter. Es gibt keine Perspektive, wie wir praktisch davon profitieren könnten, eine Supermacht zu sein. Es würde uns nur neue Lasten aufbürden.

[Google translate: New ideas are therefore also in the 21 Century must come from the West. He alone has the freedom to think tanks, social alternatives can produce. There is no doubt that we are currently lacking in ambition Lingen - it's up to our pragmatic nature. There is no perspective on how we could practically benefit from being a superpower. We would only impose new burdens.]

Ai Weiwei, "Ein Monster in Trümmern" in Die Zeit no. 14, March 26th, 2009
I'll get back to this prefatory note, which is short but dense with reasoned propositions. Ai Weiwei's foreword "Why do we need another Exhibition?" offers himself up for criticism, asking that we interrogate his concept of "the most interesting and active contemporary artists" even as he makes the statement.


Dirk Brackman's photos are somewhat interesting, especially one on p. 48 of a nude torso, hip turned. I'm not sure what's going on, but it's beautiful. Chi Peng's staged photos are moving testaments to the desire to escape drab urban life into fantasy (or so is my first impression)

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