The Sultan's Tigers

PDF EBook by Josh Lacey

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The tiger is yours and you must come to take him. The Sultan's Tigers PDF EBook His jaw and chest are covered with fine jewels, rubies and emeralds... You must bring yourself to India and find this tiger.

Tom Trelawney discovers an incredible family secret. While serving as a soldier in India one of his ancestors stole and then hid a precious, jewel- PDFencrusted tiger. The tiger is one of eight — all identical — that once surrounded the throne of a legendary sultan. Now a ruthless Indian billionaire is attempting to collect the full set — and only one is still missing.

With his roguish Uncle Harvey in tow, Tom sets off to find this family treasure. But they're not the only people looking for it. Like this book? Read online this: One Day As A Tiger, The Sultan's Choice.

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