The Tao of Psychology

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A well constructed book! I love it when a book changes my mind. The Tao of Psychology PDF EBook

Bolen didn't grab me in the first chapter - PDF I felt that she missed the mark by purporting an over simplified and dangerously fetishizing view of East/West, masculine/feminine, and left brain/right brain binaries. I relaxed my judgement, trying to place her perspective in 1979 when, perhaps, Western thinkers found themselves turning towards the East in a reaction to aspects of their own culture they found distasteful. Given this mindset, perhaps these same people ended up over-demonizing the West and naively embracing shallow impressions of Eastern culture. So, with a more forgiving attitude I read on. As the chapters progressed I came to appreciate Bolen's perspective and insight as a psychologist. While she had an intimate relationship with synchronicities in her own life and understood the magic and beauty of that, she has the clinical background to assess how synchronicity affects people.

The crux of the book is how Jungian analysis and in particular Jung's idea of synchronicity can be thought of in relationship to the idea of Tao and Taoism. She lays out these parallels in a way that eases the reader into what ends up being a very spiritually minded thesis. Despite the spiritual and cosmic overtones, her academic thoroughness kept the ideas rooted firmly to the ground. While definitely intellectually stimulating, this book was also uplifting and invited joy - an amazing mix that is rarely found in one place. Like this book? Read online this: New Kitchen Idea Book, Handbook of Psychology, Experimental Psychology.

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