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From Dr. The the South Beach Wake- PDFUp Call PDF EBook Arthur Agatston, creator of the South Beach Diet comes an urgent message: We need to wake up to the reality of just how fat and sick we are as a nation.

Statistics don’t lie: In the past 30 years Americans have become heavier and unhealthier than at any time in our history. Yet while most of us recognize the devastating toll this is taking on our lives—compromising our productivity, our self-esteem, our energy, and ultimately our very longevity—we seem stuck in the sedentary, fast-food lifestyle that got us here in the first place.

But there is hope. In The South Beach Wake-Up Call, Dr. Agatston sheds light on the root causes of our current health crisis and also offers clear, actionable advice for addressing and reversing this growing problem. He explains how inflammation brought on by our toxic lifestyle is destroying the body’s ability to heal and repair itself, and causing our tissues and organs to "rust," or grow old before their time. He shows why losing that belly fat is far more than just a matter of regaining your "bikini body," and how lack of sleep and inadequate exercise can rob you of years of vigorous good health. He also takes a close look at the American diet and what should (and shouldn’t) be on the menu and exposes the real cost of eating out and consuming "cheap" fast food.

With a section of brand-new recipes created to maximize your intake of "Megafoods"— those foods packed with anti-aging antioxidants and dense with nutrients, not calories—plus meal plans and an easy-to-follow fitness routine for increasing both core strength and cardiovascular health, The South Beach Wake-Up Call is an essential prescription for anyone ready for a life-enhancing approach to diet and good health.

The book features:

The South Beach Wake-Up Program: 7 simple, sustainable strategies for age-reversing, life-saving weight loss and optimal health

The South Beach Gluten Solution to combat the potential harm that gluten-containing foods can have on sensitive individuals, including gastrointestinal problems, skin rashes, metabolic disorders, and a host of autoimmune conditions

The Wake Up and Move 2-Week Quick Start Plan, an exercise program combining both cardio and core conditioning

15 MegaFoods for Healthy Eating, how to buy healthy food on a budget, how to snack strategically, and 32 all-new recipes from breakfasts to desserts using MegaFoods


Stories from real-life "Super Moms" who are fighting back and taking control of their families’ health, plus tips for parents throughout

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