The Tortoise and the Hare

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Tortoise and the Hare by Betty Miles, is a book about a tortoise who loves doing everything slow, having readers questioning why he’s slow. The Tortoise and the Hare PDF EBook Tortoise had a few days to get ready to race hare. Hare decided to take a break and rest while he was ahead of tortoise by three laps. Hare knew he was going to win and took a nap. Woke up to realize Tortoise was on his way to the finish line. Did tortoise win the race?
The author and the illustrator did a great job combing their ideas to create a great read aloud for advanced readers or beginning readers. Readers will get an important life lesson, hard work and perseverance bring reward. The illustrations are easy to follow and unrealistic illustrations with realistic characters, children will enjoy looking over the images they have a connected to cartoon characters. The images use variety of color, green being used more throughout the book. The images are put in the middle of each page for the reader to easily examine it and easier for the eye. The font is the same throughout the story. The overall theme of the book is if you work hard you will see results. Children are always seeing their improvement in various ways, for example reading. This issue could be passed down to a class who might be struggling in working hard and seeing the outcome. It also may be used to read as an individual reader. Overall, the text is clearly written and the plot is straight forward to follow and understand.
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