The Trail of '98

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Herein the author records many happenings that long ago Ben and Polly, Joel and David told her. The Trail of '98 PDF EBook And even Phronsie whispered some of it confidentially into the listening ear. "Tell about Rachel, please," she begged; download; and Margaret Sidney promised to write it all down some day.


Meet the fascinating friends the Little Peppers made on their way to becoming Big Peppers!

The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, an enduring classic of children's literature, tells the inspiring story of a poor family bound together by devotion and love.

Mrs. Pepper and her children Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie somehow survive difficult times in a little brown house. But after Phronsie is kidnapped by an organ grinder in the first book, their luck turns! They become the guests of young Jasper King and his dog Prince in his big house in the city!

Even as they live and love amongst the wealthy, the Peppers keep their humility and charm. Like this book? Read online this: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits Songbook, Beyond the Trail.

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