The Truth of Memoir

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I read Loose Girl by Cohen and fell in love with her style. The Truth of Memoir PDF EBook As a writer of memoir myself, I found The Truth of Memoir invaluable, especially chapter 7 on legal issues. This is a must read for anyone even thinking about writing a memoir. But even if you just like reading personal stories, you'll love the book. Cohen artfully defines the parameters of memoir and gleans advice from authors well- PDFversed in every subset of the genre. The greatest gift of this book is that it compiles advice about the craft of writing one's story from so many different authors. This kind of professional "crowd-sourcing" is especially effective because there is no danger of its being one-sided,and the advice she's collected is extensive. The end result is a comprehensive "how-to" that everyone who writes or reads nonfiction will enjoy. After reading the book, I now have a long list of memoir authors to read. Like this book? Read online this: Tell Us about . . . a Memoir, A Memoir Of No One In Particular.

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