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The book has been adapted to cinema, under the title “Mindwalk”, by Amadeus Capra. The Turning Point PDF EBook I have not read the book, but I watched the movie.

Before entering into the movie, some notes on the author of The Tao of Physics. In an interview he gave, Fritjof Capra (director of the Center of Ecoliteracy) clarified his thought: (1) he rejects in an absolute way the “vitalist” model (which admits such notions as “the spark of life” and “vital field”); download; (2) his model is a synthesis of the quantitative approach (what matter is made of) and the qualitative approach (what is the organization of matter); his emphasis is on PROCESS; so (he joked): he’s only 33% materialistic. (3) Mind and consciousness emerged from matter at a certain level of complexity (of the evolution). His approach is typically holistic (versus the Cartesian view).

(Tom,the middle figure...)

Now, the movie. It’s an adaptation of the book “The Turning Point” and it’s very simple as regards to settings and number of characters. The movie is about dialogue, mainly; is about divulging the message, a new view of life. I would say the Messenger has been chosen on purpose to be a woman, in this case, the actress Liv Ullmann.

Two very different American brothers, middle aged, are the introducers of the plot. They talk over the phone. Jack, a politician, in Washington. Tom, a poet, a theater lover ,now in France.

They get to a deal, so that Jack will meet Tom at Mont St Michel, by the beach. Jack is about to run again for senate; Tom disappointed with life, finds Jack ever “opinionated” …maybe a public persona only, a façade. They walk and they talk. Until they come across this lady, a physicist, on a sabbatical leave.

She’s Sonia, whose daughter finds her quite apart, always reading books, maybe too intellectual.

So the trio walks and talks now. And this is the core of the movie: the dialogue; one idealistic/poetic mind called Tom, the realistic mind called Jack, the politician, and Sonia the bearer of a new approach: anti-Cartesian, holistic. Think of processes instead of structures. Descartes had this dream of a world as a perfect machine; well, the world is a living organism.

Their talk is almost unending, sometimes even boring: they touch on population control, debt, arms race, pollution, new technologies; Physics and Biology,…Medicine for the rich; the nature of matter and light.

Sonia always pressing for a new approach to these problems: the feminine way, since, so far, these problems have been approached by a “patriarchal idea of man dominating all”. What’s needed for solving world problems: the idea of interconnectedness; people just don’t see it, suggests Sonia: it’s a “crisis of perception”,” we need a new vision”; change everything at the same time…

Her own life experience is shared: she had been in the USA, in Boston, doing research on lasers (medical applications), but things changed: she had found that now the US Defense department was using the technology on Star Wars.

On matter, for example, she explains to the brothers: what really exists: not particles but RELATIONSHIPS; relationships make up matter. At a subatomic level there are no solid objects.

Sometimes over the dialogue, Tom, the poet, gets a little bit away from Jack and Sonia; but the poet is perceptive and even asks her: what’s the place of your daughter in your theories?. They walk over the beach….the tide is low. The politician seems a little bit convinced of this new view and invites Sonia to join him in his campaign team.

Well, end is approaching;… the tide is up.

Sonia, the natural scientist, now gives a hug to her daughter.
-a turning point, in relationships?
-does it,really, matter?

Maybe, the poet's way is the right one.
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