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Although I can’t claim to be a great fan of Charles Simic’s poetry – I don’t dislike it or anything but it’s not quite my cup of metaphor – I did find this little collection of essays and interviews (mostly from the Seventies) somewhat enjoyable. The Uncertain Certainty PDF EBook It’s always interesting to have a look into another writer’s inner workings.

Even if one disagrees with some of the ideas expressed, having them laid out for examination, having explanations, is useful. Those explanations may not always be satisfying, of course, but that just makes one think, right?

And Simic is one of those poets who can express these things without being either too nebulous or too academic. That is, there are no anti- PDFintellectual ‘I just write what I feel’ statements nor are there long German words – his ideas are, in general, clearly stated. That doesn’t mean they are simple!

At the same time, there is no ground-breaking literary theorizing. That isn’t Simic’s ‘thing.’ He does recognize the complexity of writing poetry and, importantly, expresses the truth that it requires a constant struggle and reevaluation, an ever deepening understanding of the process. There are lessons to take away from this book, as well as it being a decent and entertaining read (for the poetically nerdy among us).

One of the analogies with which I was particularly taken – and one which he repeats more than once – is that of the poet to the comedian. We’re all on stage, working on our timing, looking for the comic within the tragic, trying to get that punchline across. I like that.

Recommended for poets and those interested in understanding poetry. Probably a good read for all writers, for that matter. Like this book? Read online this: How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry, Searching For Certainty.

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