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Amazing! It's short, but really got me thinking about the 'educational system', and what it means to learn. The Unschooling Unmanual PDF EBook There are a lot of references to John Holt by the various writers that contributed, and I am inspired by them to go out and get books about children and learning that he wrote.

Some passages I particularly enjoyed:

"I can sum up in five to seven words what I eventually learned an a teacher. The seven- PDFword version is: Learning is not the product of teaching. The five-word version is: Teaching does not make learning. As I mentioned before, organized education operates on the assumption that children learn only when and only what and only because we teach them. This is not true. It is very close to one hundred percent false." - John Holt

"When people say that school prepares children for the real world, what's implied is that it is the difficult parts of school (doing things you don't want to do, forced interaction with peers, following rules that you don't believe in) that are important. What's implied is that the real world is going to be an unhappy place and that being treated unfairly by people is a part of life." - Rue Kream

"The question we should ask ourselves is: What does our society need most - people who will always do as they are asked, or independent, creative thinkers? People who have been dominated from an early age learn to dominate others when they get the chance, while people who are happy about who they are and have self-respect, will respect others." - Nanda Van Gestel

If you care about your kids education, you should read this book, for an alternative perspective on education than the one commonly spoken of in society. Like this book? Read online this: How To Get People To Like You - Popular People's Secrets To Increase Charisma, Be Interesting And Get People To Like You Without Changing Yourself, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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