The Voice of the Turtle

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The first of its kind on the Broadway stage, opening 1943 : the always "romantic" heroine Sally, age 23- PDF25, has had 2 affairs before the curtain rises and has a 3d during the weekend of the play's action. The Voice of the Turtle PDF EBookBest chumette Olive sleeps around. And the soldier Bill - well, he's just a nice, lonely guy who likes sex and he may even be sincere. Any wonder that it ran 4 years on Bwy? It intrigued Americans who preferred into the 60s, nonetheless, Doris Day-Rock Hudson romcoms where the heroine remains chaste. O, Puritania !

It's a sophisticated change fr boy meets & download; probably marries girl. The wartime setting is long gone, but the key is how Sally behaves: even in Restoration comedy the heroine kept her Virtue. John Van Druten changed all that with humorous understanding, sweetness and wit. He only uses 3 characters to pull off this remarkable achievement.

"There has never been a more completely immoral play on the American stage," swooned critic George Jean Nathan who championed its worldliness. "It makes relations between men and women charming and highly desirable, to be indulged in by all and sundry."

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