The Wars of the Roses

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This bitter struggle for the Crown of England took all the last half of the fifteenth century, embroiling father, son and grandson. The Wars of the Roses PDF EBook Yet its major battles rarely lasted eight hours. The longest campaigns, only a few weeks. The heartbreak was that neither side would call it quits. They just kept on slugging and killing each other.So how did they keep it going, those Kings and Earls and Dukes who fought on foot alongside their men? For that, as foreigners marveled, was the reckless English way.How did they recruit? How did they pay, feed and billet their men? Choose the battle grounds? Get the troops to march thirty miles in one day then fight without breakfast? Why trust the English longbow more than the new handguns? These hows and wherefores usually are lost in the political history books. That, and the way the common folk ``live in mykel dread''. This singular work delves into old chronicles, civic records and letters, to tell it how it was for the men who fought and the civilians who e Like this book? Read online this: Paston Letters and Papers of the Fifteenth Century, Hard Merchandise (Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Wars, #3).

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