The Way of Fire (Mysteries of Osiris, #3)

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The young scribe Iker has finally realised that, in pursuing Pharaoh Sesostris with his hatred, he chose the wrong target, and that the real enemy is elsewhere. The Way of Fire (Mysteries of Osiris, #3) PDF EBook The enemy, the one who is attacking the Tree of Life at Abydos, is in fact the Herald, that baleful individual who is rallying troops on the borders in order to invade Egypt and annihilate her. Now, Sesostris has just entrusted Iker with a particularly dangerous mission: to enter Canaan and discover the Herald's lair ...Who can save Egypt now? Sesostris, who is constantly faced with savage assassination attempts? Iker, who is fighting on a thousand fronts to prevent the traitor from succeeding? Or the beautiful priestess Isis, who perhaps - PDF deep in her heart - will find the means to pacify the spirit of the Nile? Like this book? Read online this: Enemy Lines I (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, Book 11), Osiris.

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