The Way of the Dragon

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Notably player and game master information is dispersed throughout the volume, meaning spoiler background and information is not set aside or marked. The Way of the Dragon PDF EBook The third printing of the volume included a number of editorial changes.

For a thousand years, the mysterious Dragon Clan has cloistered themselves away in their legendary mountain fortresses. Now, many of their secrets are revealed within the pages of the first book in the The Way of the Clans series.

* New Character Creation Rules for Kitsuki Magistrates, Agasha Shugenja and the Tattooed Men, the Ise zumi
* New Skills, Techniques, Advantage and Disadvantages, including Ancestors
* Ancient artifacts and relics of the Dragon Clan
*Fortune and Heritage Tables
* Excerpts from "Niten", Mirumoto's discourse on the famous two- PDFsword technique of the Mirumoto Family
* Rules for Kaze-do, the unarmed combat style of Togashi Kaze
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