The White Isle

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This new edition of Caroline Dale Snedeker's "The White Isle" includes all original text, with a new cover illustration. The White Isle PDF EBook The White Isle is Britain - PDF a barbaric land to the patrician Claudian family exiled from Hadrian's Rome, but an island of strange enchantment and stirring adventures to Lavinia, their daughter. Because Favonius, Lavinia's father, had incurred the displeasure of Emperor Hadrian, he was suddenly appointed "legatus" to far away Britain. After sad farewells, the whole family began their long journey along the Roman roads through Gaul, across the channel to the white cliffs of the British coast. "The White Isle" was one of the first books to bring young people a spirited picture of Roman life in Gual and Britain and is one of Caroline Dale Snedeker's finest books. Like this book? Read online this: Roman Britain, Isle of Noises.

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