The Wisdom of the Sufis

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In this remarkable dialogue between Hidayat Inayat- PDFKhan and Deepak Chopra, M. The Wisdom of the Sufis PDF EBookD., the wisdom of the Sufis is appraised. Hidayat defines the word Sufi as "wisdom and purity." He explains that "any person whose heart is attuned to the divine presence is a Sufi because Sufism means purifying oneself and one's mind from preconceived ideas."These two great teachers discuss the fact that thc spiritual message of the Sufis has always found its way to express itself through music and poetry — illuminations of life's expression — and Sufism is now gathering a great deal of popularity in the West. The Sufi Universe is the home of all religions, all beliefs, and all lovers of truth — without distinction between race, color, or nationality Like this book? Read online this: The Sufi Book of Life, Native American Wisdom Book Set (Navajo, Hopi,Lakota) [The Little Wisdom Library].

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