The Wolf She Married

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You don't get much shorter than this - PDF 8 pages!

Yep it was a quickie. The Wolf She Married PDF EBook And sometimes quickies are good, but this one just wasn't for me.

I'm not really a fan of bestiality, so having sex with a guy that is a wolf man - even though he is your husband, just ain't my thang. Call me weird but it just doesn't do it for me. Maybe over a few years I would turn hard core dirty- but after stumbling upon my husband just becoming a wolf man??? Nope. I wouldn't be rolling over and letting him give it from behind.

However, it was well written...and I feel the need to apologise for my review. For those of you who don't mind shifter sex, you will probably enjoy it a lot more than me ; download; ) Like this book? Read online this: Plays written by Sir John Vanbrugh. In two volumes. Vol.I. Containing The relapse; ... The provok'd wife. Esop, ... Vol.II. Containing The confederacy. The false friend. The mistake. A journey to London. The provok'd husband. Volume 1 of 2, Valentine's Wolf (Grey Wolf Pack, #11).

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