The Yuletide Bride (The 12 Brides of Christmas #5)

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The 12 Brides of Christmas: Book #5 ~"Ewan Murray and Kate McDougall hold a mutual appreciation for music—and each other. The Yuletide Bride (The 12 Brides of Christmas #5) PDF EBook But as she comes of age, Ewan realizes he must do something to prove his worth to her banker father. Will a refurbished heirloom and a sudden snowstorm be the key to earning permission to marry?" - PDF description used from

Ewan returns home from a period of traveling intent on asking for Kate, a friend since childhood, to marry him. Her father who is concerned Ewan will not be able to provide for Kate the way he wants sets a goal that Ewan must meet by Kate's birthday in order to gain permission. While Ewan sincerely seemed to love Kate, the impression I kept getting from her was that she wanted to marry someone for the convenience of being able to pursue her love of music. Even in a scene where she fights with her father that she should have the right to choose, it never seemed like she was in love and wanting to spend the rest of her life with her best friend, she just wanted to avoid being stuck with a stuck-up banker and be allowed to love her music.
My honest opinion, so far the Yuletide Bride has not been my favorite of this collection of stories. I never really got into the story and characters, and as explained, could not buy the love that was supposed to be between the two leads.
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