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Here's the premise of The Zone: much of our health depends on how hormones and other chemical substances regulate the body. The Zone PDF EBookThe two biggies are insulin and glucagon, and together they affect how we store fat.The easiest way for the average person to ensure optimal insulin and glucagon levels (and therefore a healthy weight and body fat percentage) is by eating a balanced diet consisting of macronutrient "blocks": lean protein, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, and monounsaturated fat.

I'm not a scientist and will have to rely on Dr. Sears' interpretation of the data he uses to support his arguments.That's just one of those things we non- PDFspecialists have to do, but the idea that food can control how the body produces hormones that, in turn, control how the body stores and uses fat seems plausible.

And although you may think I've drunk "The Zone" kool-aid, a couple of sites have rebuttals to Dr. Sears' claims, taking exception to the protein/carbohydrate ratio and its effect on hormone production.

Also, figuring out what a "block" is means there's a bit of a learning curve to implementing the diet."The Zone" advocates an extremely low-calorie diet, the benefits of which, from my understanding, have not been thoroughly documented to date.So you can see there are issues with the Dr. Sears' advice.

Nevertheless, the bibliography in this book should silence critics who say Dr. Sears is light on the "science".It references literally dozens of reports from medical, nutrition, and sports medicine journals.In fact, I wish the claims and citations Dr. Sears made in the book were better noted (with footnotes, preferably), but I understand why the bibliography was included instead: the book was for a general audience.

Overall, I liked "The Zone", and I plan testing its principles to see whether I can shed my slowly expanding gut. Like this book? Read online this: Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet cookbook, ketogenic diet plan, ketogenic diet books), What to Eat in the Zone.

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