This is My Rock

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"This is my rock!" proclaims a young goat. This is My Rock PDF EBook "It's not yours," he bleats at Eagle. "Or yours," he grumbles at Bear. "Nor yours!" he shouts at the other goats. But standing atop a mountain all day and night can be lonely, especially when you have no one else to play with. . . .

With simple wit and beautifully detailed illustrations, David Lucas weaves a tale about sharing and friendship.

As an illustrator and writer, David Lucas finds inspiration in the beauty and magic of the natural world. His first book with Flying Eye was A Letter for Bear, published in 2013. Like this book? Read online this: Lucas Lenz y la mano del emperador (Lucas Lenz, #2), The Wishing Rock Theory of Life (a novel with recipes) (The Wishing Rock Series Book 2).

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