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Sean Taylor started writing poetry as a teenager. Tickling Tigers PDF EBook In 1993, he came across a newspaper article which reported that a goat slaughtered in Iran had been found to have teeth made of gold. He tried writing a story for children. It was called 'The Goat with the Golden Teeth' and it won second prize in a competition run by the British newspaper 'The Independent' and Scholastic Children's Books. Since then, Sean has focussed on writing for children and has published over thirty books for young readers of different ages. As well as writing, he has many years’ experience visiting schools, where he works with poetry and storytelling to encourage young people to write themselves. He lives partly in England (where he was born) and partly in Brazil( where his wife is from.) Like this book? Read online this: Oxford Handbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing [With Emergencies in Children's and Young People's Nursi], Tunnel Tigers.

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