Time And The Conways

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The first play I've ever liked more when I read it than when I saw it performed. Time And The Conways PDF EBook With two intermissions and without the freedom to read quickly over the boring charade game in the first act, it dragged on a bit too much.

But the idea is intriguing. The first act is set in 1919, the second in 1939, and the third back in 1919—all in the same room. The play demonstrates how little careless actions in the present can have devastating consequences in the future. The third act is quite enjoyable because we have just seen where each of the characters will (or might?—the play is ambiguous here) end up, and we are therefore keyed in on lines that would otherwise seem trivial and mundane. If nothing else, the innovative structure and the comment the play makes about time makes it a worthwhile read. Like this book? Read online this: Work Smarter, Play Longer (A Daily Actions Guide), Gaining Time Executing Time-Based Strategy.

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