To Kill a Mockingjay

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"In this, the final installment of the popular series by Harper Collins, Katniss' father Atticus urges her not to fight, since violence never solved anything. To Kill a Mockingjay PDF EBook Instead, he plans to defend an innocent tribute against charges brought by President Ewell, and thereby delegitimize the Capital's rule over the other Districts. Atticus loses the trial, and the tribute is publicly executed. However, President Ewell is so embarrassed by the things that came out in the trial that he vows revenge against the Everfinch family. This tension leads to a period of intense urban warfare. Ultimately, Ewell attacks Atticus' children with explosive parachutes, breaking Prim's arm in the process. Katniss retaliates by making Ewell fall on his own knife, killing him. In the ensuing chaos, Katniss attempts suicide, but is saved from herself by her reclusive neighbor, Peeta Radley."; download; - PDF) Like this book? Read online this: The Killing of a President, If Looks Could Kill.

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