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To the Golden Shore is a biography by Courtney Anderson on Adoniram Judson, a Congregationalist (later converts to Baptist) missionary with a call to preach and live God's word among the natives of Burma, a cruel and arrogant people. To the Golden Shore PDF EBook Through the book one will read of Adoniram's trials, hopes, and dreams in not only missionary work, but also marriage and fatherhood.

I do so very much like the layout of the book as, unlike many other biographies, when telling the story of Adoniram, Anderson (the author) does not jump from one year to three years later without telling you. He starts with telling the reader a little of Adoniram's father, Adoniram Judson Senior's, history and then changes into Adoniram's history so smoothly one hardly notices this sudden change. The overall book flows nicely and is very coherent while holding my attention. I also appreciate the kindness of Anderson in taking a few unscholarly liberties with paragraphing and spelling in order to make it easier to read for the common individual and offering less interruption to the story.

And I do so like how Anderson describes not only places and smells as if you where there, but also over time, people. Their personalities as if you already knew them and what to expect them to say next.

The book is a very good one and I would recommend it to any Christian.
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