Toil & Trouble

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It's that Halloweeny time of year, and Howie, Arthur, Kristy, and Cora are on a mission to create the perfect haunted house event at the store in order to win over new customers. Toil & download; Trouble PDF EBook

Turns out, it's not as easy as it sounds — especially when you're trying to charm the town's most popular (and terrifying) arts 'n crafts blogger into writing your store a favorable review. And it just gets worse when that blogger insists that her wild child ten year old son be given creative control over the entire situation.

There's no way around it: October just got stressful. Fortunately, Howie & Co. are super chill and not at all prone toward panicking.

... Yeah, that might be a lie.

The characters from Know Not Why return in this romp full of workplace turmoil, eerie coincidences, sexy mummy costumes, and even more bantery friendship antics than ever before.

Words: 20,940 Like this book? Read online this: Year Round Crafts For Kids, The Trouble with Sailors (The Trouble Series, book 11).

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