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Who reads this and laughs not at all may be forgiven only as a simpleton, and does not comprehend. Tom Jones PDF EBook

Who reads this and laughs but a little is too dour and prideful to be of much use, and only laughs when he cannot help it.

Who reads this and laughs a score is the wretched false- PDFwit, and only laughs when it suits his crowd.

Who reads and laughs but once a chapter has a mirthful soul, if no great love for words.

Who reads and laughs at every page shall be my boon companion, and a kiss for each grinning cheek.

Who reads and laughs at twice and thrice a page shall be my worthy better, and may they forgive my endless queries. Like this book? Read online this: Josephine Humphreys Reads Dreams Of Sleep And Rich In Love, Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth (Indiana Jones: Prequels #11).

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