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Tomie dePaola is among the best- PDFknown, best-loved artist/authors creating books for children today. Tomie DePaola PDF EBook His art and his stories, filled with imagination, humor, elegance, and curiosity, emanate from a love of life reflected in everything he does.Barbara Elleman, a critic in her own right, explores Tomie dePaola as artist and storyteller. The result is a fascinating, complete, and highly readable account that looks first at his life and then at the many genres he has drawn upon—autobiographical memories, folktales, Christmas themes, religious stories, and more. She shows patterns and motifs that thread through his work, points out major influences on his art, and gives a rare look at his fine art and his "non-book" designs.Ms. Elleman's thoughtful narrative and selections of artwork that illustrate Mr. dePaola's diverse styles bring a fresh appreciation to the work of this unique artist/author. Like this book? Read online this: Tom Strong, Book 6, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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