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I know what "torn" means to me. Torn PDF EBook I know because my husband, Sam, has this rule in our house: When an item of mine springs a leak, sports a tear, or shows its wear, the piece becomes "fair game." The first time he actually ripped the clothes right off me, I have to say, I was shocked. In fact, shocked doesn't cover what I was. Part of me was horrified- PDFI loved those jeans! Part of me was intrigued-What sort of animal way were we going to make love if this was the starting line? And part of me was a melting pool of butter-Who knew that having my jeans shredded would turn me on so much? My story unfolded-or perhaps, unraveled-easily from that first frayed thought. Curious as to whether "torn" had the same connotations for others, I put the query out to a few of my favorite writers: Jax Baynard: For me, torn is about the metaphor. Sometimes when things get rough you walk away. But if you decide to stay, then what? You have to stick it out and make it work somehow. Love and anger and desire and fear all mixed up can be an explosive combination, depending on the personalities involved. I also like the notion of the fabric of a relationship-how it weathers over the years, where it tears from the strain; download; where it holds together. Sommer Marsden: Torn brought to mind my favorite jeans. They went through a whole decade of anxiety with me, and when I was feeling particularly jacked up, I rubbed this one spot on the leg. That section eventually turned into a hole that led to a blowout that was the demise of my jeans. But for a while they were the best jeans ever. A reminder that out of difficult times can come some truly beautiful and treasured things. Thomas Roche: "Torn" immediately made me think of a woman's clothes being ripped off, which probably tells you more about me than you need to know. But it also brought to mind the hot, ripped punk-as-fuck fashions of the '80s that say "Fuck you, my clothes are torn, so I'm not bourgeois any more, and did I mention fuck you?" It's all about attitude and sass. I think ripped clothes are a nagging fear from childhood for a lot of us; those of us who tended to get in scraps and end up with their clothes ripped remember that being a BAD thing-and therefore, taboo. Later in life when we have to pay for our own clothes, ripped clothes represent the loss of something cherished. In this story, torn clothes represent ravishment, creating an urgency and an intense physical conflict between two characters who very badly need it in their relationship. And as far as I'm concerned, it's punk as fuck! Sophia Valenti: The concept of torn immediately brought to mind a conflict, either one between love and hate, or a challenging choice between lovers, or even warring desires. My story "Having It All" is a playful take on the idea, being the tale of a woman faced with making a decision but then getting everything she craves in the end. And isn't that something we all hope for? You don't need much to find out what "torn" means to you and your mate. An old t-shirt. A pair of beat-in jeans. Laddered stockings. Create your own mental scenario and take it from there. Now, what does torn mean to you? Share your answer at: Torn Shredded Whole (http: // XXX, Alison Like this book? Read online this: Torn Apart, Torn.

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