Traitor's Caress

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Smuggled aboard a ship bound for the rebellious colonies, the beautiful English Keely Bartholomew was ill- PDFprepared for life in America, much less for the uncivilized half-breed captain who was to be her husband. Traitor's Caress PDF EBook How could she marry this traitor to her country—even if it meant saving her inheritance? But when the tall, brawny devil held her in his massive arms, caressed her with his eyes as black as night, Keely knew she was lost to her desire for this savage gentleman, lost to his kiss that left her wanting... wanting him forever...

What had ever possessed him to agree to marry the spoiled red-headed English brat? He was the master of his own fate and Brock Forrester let no man deter him from his course. But he knew that if he didn't marry the bossy snippet, he would lose the financing he so desperately needed. And, he had to admit, the lovely wench did tempt him with her creamy, full breasts, her soulful, hazel eyes, and her soft, luscious curves. Yes, he would take great pleasure in bedding her and making her beg for what only he could give her... Like this book? Read online this: My Dad Is Big And Strong, BUT..., Traitor.

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