Transgender Warriors

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I have such mixed feeling about this book. Transgender Warriors PDF EBook

On one hand, it is obviously a very personal book for the author, chronicling her journey to find people like herself in history and in the present day.The autobiographical parts are great and the photo section in the back is inspirational.I don't begrudge her deep need to find people like her in the world and to start looking at larger issues in Western culture.

However, as a person with an academic historical background, I cringed at a lot of her examples.She profiles numerous groups and figures such as Joan of Arc that are deeply controversial.Yet she strips away all their complexity and contradiction so they can be the role models she is desperately looking for.The book is littered with unsupported theories and flat- PDFout historical inaccuracies.To really explore these issues in proper well rounded depth, the book would be twice as long and not nearly as feel-good.And I personally can't support spreading historical inaccuracies, even if they make people feel good.

If you look at this book as Feinberg's autobiography of her historical search, it is ok, but I would never recommend it as a historical text.Just take some of her examples with large grains of salt. Like this book? Read online this: Second Chance Hero (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Historical) (Texas Grooms (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Historical) (Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical) - Book 6), Warriors of Camlann (Warriors #2).

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