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While I had already read some of these essays on the authors blog, still I enjoyed reading all the essays together as they bind together nicely. Transhuman and Subhuman PDF EBook I find it very interesting how he looks at certain books and stories and analyzes them according to the demand of the story. Case in points some stores that were more didactic and the story suffered because the primary point was the message not the story. This is a problem that is only getting worse as politically correct pressures mount that certain types of characters must appear and that certain morality must be taught. The actual story be damned just as long as you have the correct quota for the "right" kind of character.I really enjoyed how he takes such stories apart dissecting them showing where the stories betrayed themselves for the overriding message.He is quite funny when doing this. Still while taking apart such stories he is careful to note how these authors are very good writers and praises their skill, butcritiques the short story or novel not the character of the author.

One essay departs a bit from this when it critiques the second hobbit movie. Quite a hilarious review and as i felt the blow of the same "stupid hammer" repeatedly during the movie one I can agree with. Still he praises when the movie goes right.

The weave of story critique is highly woven with his critical view of political correctness and the lies that we are suppose to affirm why saying how awesome the Emperor's new wardrobe is.While these essays have a polemical tone I can't think of anything in them I disagree with and again he is always careful in attacking ideas and not people. As he so dislikes the political correctness two- PDFminute hate and how it is directed to people who dare to not call heterodoxy orthodoxy. Where your motives can only be evil and their is no effort at understanding or even presenting their case. Like this book? Read online this: The Story of 25 Stories, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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