'Twas the Fourth Night before Christmas

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There are creatures and customs that pass on from generation to generation but have no back- PDFstory: Who is the Easter Bunny? Where is he from? Why does he hide eggs in our yards? What about this tooth fairy person? What does he want with all these teeth anyway? These are just some of the questions answered in the "Modern Myth" series. 'Twas the Fourth Night before Christmas PDF EBook

The series begins with "The Fourth Night before Christmas." Gargog, the wickedest dragon of all (but certainly not the smartest) launches a diabolical scheme to destroy the countryside and stop Christmas forever. The only one who has a chance to stop the evil scheme is a timid hare who would rather mind his own business. Can a tiny hare muster the courage to foil the wicked plans of Gargog the dragon, or will he betray Santa to save his own furry skin?
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