Twisted (Drawn Series, #3)

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What do you do when your girlfriends keep kicking you out and calling you a freak? Matt Gable is used to being the outsider in every situation. Twisted (Drawn Series, #3) PDF EBook His family is the most dysfunctional he’s ever met. His mother tried to kill him when he was younger and the girl he talks to online, won’t even tell him her name. All he wants is to work at the tattoo shop he loves, get closer to his father and find “the one”. Is that so hard to ask for?

Mary Amanda aka Mandy has raised her nephew Levi ever since she was 18, working sometimes three jobs to support them, while her older brother was in jail. She moved closer to her brother and is working at Insatiable Ink and Cycles.Levi is now almost fourteen and wants to live with his dad, her brother, also known as Chainsaw, the VP for the Diablo Demons.With an “empty” nest looming, her brother decides she needs to date. The only problem is, there are two men she is attracted to and she can’t choose. Maybe she can have them both??

Beau Drawn has returned home to the family he neglected so many years ago. Controlled, driven and very self- PDFassured, coming home has brought him to his knees. He was running from his past and didn’t know how empty his life was without his crazy family. Now all he wants to do is get closer to his father and his siblings, but on his terms. While re-discovering the family that he left ,he didn’t plan on falling for the one girl he’s not sure he can ever have.

WARNING: Contains mature sexual scenes including M/F/M scenes and sensitive sexual topics. Not recommended for those under the age of 18. Like this book? Read online this: My Younger Brother's Getting Married...and Other Things That Should Have Happened to Me First, Drawn to New York.

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