Two Cheers for Capitalism

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1 The enemy of being is having
Corporate capitalism in America
Business & download; the "new class"
The frustrations of affluence
Ideology & food
The environmentalist crusade
The hidden costs of regulation
Capitalism, socialism & nihilism
2 The corporation & the dinosaur
The corporation & the dinosaur
Ethics & the corporation
Horatio Alger & profits
The corporation as a citizen
On "economic education"
Inflation & the "dismal science"
Some doubts about "deregulation"
The credibility of corporations
The OPEC connection
The Republican future
"The stupid party"
On conservatism & capitalism
On corporate philanthropy
The shareholder constituency
3 What is "social justice"?
Utopianism, ancient & modern
About equality
What is "social justice"?
Taxes, poverty & equality
Of populism & taxes
Social reform: gains & losses
The poverty of redistribution
Reforming the welfare state
Of decadence & tennis flannels
Epilogue: "When virtue loses all her loveliness"- PDFsome reflections on capitalism & the "free society"
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