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Types of Shape, New, Expanded Edition by John Hollander

I didn't read the edition pictured here, but rather the original, which has no picture on Goodreads. I will search out this updated edition when I can, since I really enjoyed this book. It's rare to find an entire book of concrete (picture) poetry, and these were well- PDFdone. One thing I found interesting is that the poems themselves sounded and felt like streams of consciousness for the most part, which of course they could not be, because so much planning obviously had to go into making them fit their desired shapes. So, you get a paradox here between the concrete form the poem takes on the page and the language Hollander uses, which for the most part doesn't feel artificial or forced, but rather flowing and spontaneous. When I have more time, I may try to type one of these poems into my review so you can see it, but for now, Google Books has some pages on display — one of them is the opening poem of the book, Skeleton Key:


My favorite poems in the book were Crise de Coeur, This Way Next, and Swan and Shadow. Very inspiring for anyone who's ever made the attempt at writing concrete poetry. Like this book? Read online this: A Search for God (Books 1 & 2), 50th Anniversary Edition, Gemba Walks Expanded 2nd Edition.

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