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Kenner's focused and scintillating analysis of James Joyce's Ulysses is primarily devoted to an extremely close reading of the text, reconstructing the events, and analyzing how the language and style function to create the impression and experience of the book's universe. Ulysses PDF EBook Even after several close readings of Ulysses with various commentaries, there were still some big surprises for me in this volume, simply on the level of the book's action, and for that alone the book is worth a read for serious Joyce enthusiasts.

I wish Kenner had spent more time - PDF or any time, really - on the book's meaning. His analysis is somewhat narrow in scope, but the key difficulties that occupy my relationship to the book are on the level of what we are to make of its ambiguous actions. Central questions that Kenner does not address include "What is the sense in which the mythopoetic patterns of Homer govern the action in the book, and what was Joyce trying to say in using them? What is the sense of Stephen's breakthrough in the brothel, and how are we to take it? What degree of atonement occurred between Bloom and Dedalus? Why were the key moments of connection between the two central characters intentionally buried in obscure language?"

These questions don't seem to concern Kenner, but they concern me, rather more than knowing that the catechismic method of the Ithaca chapter was inspired in part by a popular Q& download; A column in Dublin daily newspapers.

I didn't know that it was possible, but at times I think Kenner actually over-thinks Ulysses, as when he theorizes that Dedalus has punched Buck Mulligan off-stage on the basis of his complaints of a hurt hand. Clearly this would fly directly in the face of everything we know about Dedalus and the weapons that he will allow himself: silence, exile, cunning.

So this impressive book does not precisely focus its considerable energies in the directions of greatest interest to this reader. It's still probably the best analysis of Ulysses that I've read. Probably worth noting in passing that despite the cover description, this book is in no sense an "introduction," and depends on thorough familiarity with the novel. Like this book? Read online this: Lambs - An "I Love Reading" Learn to Read - Level 2 Book, Adventures of Ulysses.

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