Uncivil Liberties

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Trillin strikes again, this time with a collection of columns from his stint at The Nation, the noted left- PDFwing magazine. Uncivil Liberties PDF EBook As always, his writing is sharp and elegant. Here he's writing about administrations from Reagan to Carter, and doing it with dry wit and verve. No one remains unscathed, and the swipes at Nancy Reagan are delicious. While he's known for his food writing, people forget his large body of political pieces. This will remind them.

The only reason this gets four instead of five stars is its age. While it holds up rather well, many people won't get the references, since it depends on knowing who these characters (and they are that) are. Otherwise, it's definitely a five-star book. Like this book? Read online this: Writing Characters Who'll Keep Readers Captivated, Bonfire of the Liberties.

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