Under This Cowgirl's Hat

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Meet the ladies of Under This Cowgirl's Hat!

Tea and Kisses by CB Potts—When Iris' neighbor Randy decides to auction off his ranch, she decides to put a bid in on the place. Renee is the Randy's sister, and she figures Iris has ulterior motives. Iris is honest, but city girl Renee doesn't understand how country friendships work. Can Iris make Renee understand how good being neighborly can be?

Reversible Cowgirls by Shanna Germain—Stephanie has some problems with her love life. She's seeing a married woman, their relationship is going nowhere, and Stephanie needs to break it off. Then she meets Macie, the new veterinarian in town, who takes her by surprise with the heat they generate. Can Stephanie work through her problems and take Macie on full time?

Bright Lights and Boob Jobs by BA Tortuga—Maddie works in the city as an exotic dancer. She's missing her cowgirl ways and her family, but she's too proud to go home a failure. When her best friend Shannon shows up, Maddie's torn between what she thinks she needs to do to succeed, and what Shannon urges her to find in her life. Can love change her mind?

From the Boots Up by Andi Marquette—Meg isn't at all sure she wants to spend time with a reporter who wants to do a feature on her father's dude ranch. When she meets Gina and helps the other woman fix a spare, Meg hopes they'll cross each others' paths again. When Gina turns out to be the reporter she's expecting, Meg thinks maybe she was too hasty in her judgment about the press.

The Good Life by Jodi Payne—Ruby has come home to New Mexico for her father, who's in the hospital. She's been living her own life in the city, far away from cows and scrub brush. Caroline is a cowgirl with a lot of charm, but will Ruby be able to give everything up and stay at the ranch? Like this book? Read online this: Private Iris Case 09 (Private Iris, #9), Daddy's Little Cowgirl.

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