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The author kindly gifted me a copy of his book. Underneath PDF EBook Get your copy here.
*This is a review of an older version of the book.*

What I liked about it:

Hugh's character felt so real...he constantly lost his temper over the most insignificant things and his mind blocked the memory of what he did in those fits of rage. He was also paranoid and a misogynist.

Robert- PDFan underachiever, even though he's the "right" gender- and Claire-a cop trying to carve a niche for herself, who isn't. They made a good team.

In many instances, Robert shows feelings similar to Hugh's minus the murderous rage-I loved the contrast.

The reactions of both cops while trying to subdue Hugh came across as realistic.

The story was fast paced, especially the last couple of scenes.

What I didn't like:

Jane's character seemed to be a replica of Hugh's. I don't know if that was intentional but I didn't like it. Her anger seemed quite overblown & download; out of place.

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