Understanding Emotions

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Excellent textbook. Understanding Emotions PDF EBook Has all the elements of a good textbook or non- PDFfiction book: gives details about experiments, cross-references various studies, mentions the links to biology, all in all an excellent book on the topic.
In college I took a course on the psychology of emotions that was lead by a researcher on the topic. The course didn't have a recommended textbook or too much written information besides some slides provided by the lecturer, and the information was fascinating but I always felt something was missing. This is a really good introduction to the topic, so if you are thinking of taking a similar course this will be a good base for it.
I would however not recommend it to anyone who does not enjoy non-fiction, and even then if you like non-fiction, but dislike the constant references to other scientific work within the text, then you'll see this as boring, so just skip this. Like this book? Read online this: Bible Verses By Topic, Emotions.

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