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Rukeyser's in contention for the unwanted title of "most underrated American poet of the 20th century. U.S. 1 PDF EBook" Published in 1938, U.S. 1 deserves a place alongside the novels of Steinbeck, Dos Passos, and Richard Wright on the shelf of politically- PDFengaged masterpieces of the 30s and early 40s.Writing in direct response to the Spanish Civil War and the shadow of the coming World War, Rukeyser constructs a triptych juxtaposing historical, political and personal experience.The first section, "The Book of the Dead" is a Zola-esque engagement with the building of a tunnel as part of a dam building project in Virginia.She chronicles the medical impact of the pure silica on the miners, the political machinations which allowed the corporations involved to deny responsibility, and orchestrates a chorus of voices from within the miners' community.Her clear awareness of the position of black miners is particularly welcome.The final section of the book, "Two Voyages," consists of two long poems, one based on the flight of athletes participating in the "Anti-Facist Olympics" forced to flee Spain at the start of the Civil War, the other a long allegory stressing the absence of any place of refuge in the face of the coming storm.Both of those sections are in a sense well-done period-pieces grounded in the rhetoric left at a very specific political moment.

Where US 1 rises to a higher level is in the central section, "Night-Music."Anticipating the poetry of Adrienne Rich, who has acknowledged Rukeyser as a major influence, the poems in this section illuminate the struggles and contradictions of individuals trying to live their lives in good political/existential faith in the midst of a nightmare.In "Burning Bush," Rukeyser writes:"all horrors enter all beds to purify/ the critical spirit in a city of change."As true today as it was in 1938.

My favorite poems in US 1 are "Power" (from "The Book of the Dead"), "Burning Bush" and "Course" (both from "Night-Music), but there's a long list of good ones:"Praise of the Community," "George Robinson Blues," "The Cornfield," "The Dam," "The Book of the Dead," "A Flashing Cliff," "Girl at the Play," "Trophies," "Panacea," "Driveway," and "Outpost."

Rukeyser's limit as a poet is that her sense of the language, while pointed and precise, rarely rises to the sort of musical brilliance of Rich, Frost, Yeats or Gwendolyn Brooks at their best.She'll be poet number four (following Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Robert Frost) in my "Reading the Complete Works" project.

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