Vassalord, Volume 4

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This picks up in Italy after Charley and Johnny are reunited inside the bowels of the enemy’s stronghold for some nice erotic feeding. Vassalord, Volume 4 PDF EBook These are two very pretty boys. While they make good their escape, Charley has to go into hiding with Craig and Hal so Hal’s father’s people don’t end up killing them all. Charley manages to enlist the Vatican’s help because they like him, a vampire who hates his own kind and can still walk in the light. They promise protection so long as he keeps hating them but unfortunately Charles no longer hates Johnny.

In the middle of all this, Father Mailer and the fake vampires return and Barry is still out hunting and hurting Johnny. Rayfell, Johnny’s female ‘twin’ tries to seduce Charles and does fill him in on Barry and why the incubus can’t be killed by normal means. Charles is determined now to save Johnny from this.

The ending is very odd with parallels being drawn between Johnny and Charley and Rayfell and Cheryl. We finally get the truth about who/what Rayfell is and how she hates herself. Cheryl is her savior (and I’m beginning to think Craig is the only straight person in the bunch). Johnny and Charley do a Christine/Phantom of the Opera riff which Barry crashes. Will Charley kill him or fall under his spell?I still like this so much. It’s probably because of the pretty boys.

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