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A remarkable piece of work. Venus - PDF Acting Edition PDF EBookParks use of language and the way she sets up staging and stage direction really appealed to me.The first and last scenes in particular almost read/sounded like a villanelle, with a lot of rhyme and repetition. On the other hand, its not clear to me the purpose of having the scenes in reverse order, or having scenes that consist solely of a list of the previous scenes.

The subject is more difficult for me to come to terms with.This is a play based on the story of the "Venus Hottentot" an African woman who was displayed on stages in London and Paris largely due to her prominent buttocks.So we deal with elements of racism and gender bias both.

Parks draws Venus as a complex person, at times she is a heartbreaking character, and at time she comes across as just as manipulative as the people who use her.The scenes in which she is measured by the doctors from point to point take objectification to a whole new level.

A whole new kind of play for me, but one I'm very glad I read.I'd particularly like to see it staged. Like this book? Read online this: From Scenes Like These, Taking Sides - Acting Edition.

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