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I can't, in good conscience, rate or date this, as I didn't read every page. Vintage Reading PDF EBookIt really is a pretty good book if you've been meaning to read some classics and some popular books that have stood the test of time, because it covers a lot of books and the 'reviews' are short and 'breezy' (as the jargon goes).

I was not persuaded to add anything to my to- PDFread that's not already there except Roughing It and I already know I do want to read more Mark Twain so this rec. was just a nudge.

One thing: The reviews are effective little summaries so one can use this book to get an idea of what one is missing by not reading the classics, too.But really it is what one other GR reviewer said, basically a paper version of some of the highlights of the goodreads community reviews. Like this book? Read online this: Best Soccer Defenders Of All Time. Easy to read children soccer books with great graphics. All you need to know about the best soccer defenders in history. (Sport Soccer IQ book for Kids), Reading People, Reading Plots.

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