Visible Learners

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A progressive, research- PDFbased approach for making learning visibleBased on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, "Visible Learners" highlights learning through interpreting objects and artifacts, group learning, and documentation to make students' learning evident to teachers. Visible Learners PDF EBook Visible classrooms are committed to five key principles: that learning is purposeful, social, emotional, empowering, and representational. The book includes visual essays, key practices, classroom and examples.Show how to make learning happen in relation to others, spark emotional connections, give students power over their learning, and express ideas in multiple waysIllustrate Reggio-inspired principles and approaches via quotes, photos, student and teacher reflections, and examples of student work Offer a new way to enhance learning using progressive, research-based practices for increasing collaboration and critical thinking in and outside the classroom

"Visible Learners" asks that teachers look beyond surface-level to understand who students are, what they come to know, and how they come to know it. Like this book? Read online this: Classroom Assessment for Student Learning, Visible Signs.

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