Vixen 03 (Dirk Pitt, #5)

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1954. Vixen 03 (Dirk Pitt, #5) PDF EBook Vixen 03 is down. The plane, bound for the Pacific carrying thirty- PDFsixDoomsday bombs — canisters armed with quick-death germs of unbelievable potency — vanishes. Vixen has in fact crashed into an ice-covered lake in Colorado.

1988. Dirk Pitt, who heroically raisedthe Titanic, discovers the wreckage of Vixen 03. But two deadly canisters are missing. They're in the hands of a terrorist group. Their lethal mission: to sail a battleship seventy-five miles up the Potomac and blast Washington, D.C., to kingdom come. Only Dirk can stopthem. Like this book? Read online this: The Vixen Manual, Soul Song (Dirk and Steele, #6).

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