W Juliet, Vol. 4

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the plot in this book was about how a new student is almost making it his duty to find out what there big sercet is. W Juliet, Vol. 4 PDF EBook and Makoto's sister comes home. and someone reveals the sercet and every thing changes. also its like becuase of this sercet revealing made there friendship almost stronger.

i can connect to this book becuase if i had a big sercet like one of them i would be soooooooo upset/mad if someone told. knowing there was a reason i didnt tell people. i wouldn't talk to my sister becuase she wouldn't have told people about it.

i gave this book 4 out of 5 stars beucase it had a lot of drama in it and i know how they feel. becuase if it happened to me i would be very upset. it wasn't really any super boring parts but there were some.i recommed this bookto people who like comic books. also Makoto and Jto has a great freindship so if you like friendship book this is good for you. Like this book? Read online this: Little People Big Book About Seasons, Romeo x Juliet, Vol. 01.

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