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Amid the cacophony of visions for the new millennium, this book by renowned scientist and visionary Peter Russell stands out for its sanity and brilliance. Waking Up In Time PDF EBook Waking Up In Time is every man and woman's manifesto for awakening to the mounting global crisis while deepening their connection to inner peace and transformation.The widely- PDFacclaimed author of the bestseller The Global Brain and other pioneering works, Russell has long been renowned as a herald for spiritual rebirth in the face of the dangers of ever-accelerating technological change. Here he offers a gripping account of the human community hurtling ever closer toward an unprecedented moment of consummation — the "Omega" of evolution — when humanity will face its evolutionary moment of truth. Which forces will prevail in this race to Omega? How will we cope with the epochal dangers and opportunities we must face? In this thoroughly rewritten, newly illustrated edition of his classic work The White Hole In Time, Russell shows how this unparalleled acceleration of our evolution has come about and why a global transformation of consciousness is critical to our survival. Here is an extraordinary and innovative picture of humanity, one that integrates the evolving nature of civilization with the imperative of the individuals quest for enlightenment. Like this book? Read online this: Messi, Neymar e Ronaldo - Face a Face com os Melhores do mundo, The Big Book Of Time Travel Romance (Includes: After Cilmeri, #0.5; Lost Highlander, #1; The McKinnon Legends, #1; Out of Time, #1; Time Walkers, #1).

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