Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg. Eine Auswahl

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Fontane begins by describing himself as a tourist in Scotland, visiting Lochleven Castle and in the boat crossing the loch having an intense memory of the Rheinsberg Palace back in his native land, the Mark Brandenburg. Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg. Eine Auswahl PDF EBook

Fontane describes this as a moment of revelation.Where we live, what lies around us, immediately before our doors has its own stories and its own richness no less than the most famous and intensely visited tourist destinations.For Fontane the attitude of tourism, a bright and eager curious enjoyment, can be applied anywhere.It is a style or habit of thought that can allow you to appreciate what is here, at hand no less than the distant and foreign.

In six volumes Fontane travelled by various means about Brandenburg.In this particular edition there is just a selection.There is both an appreciation of the recent past but also a record of Prussia in flux.New modes of transport, new businesses, new professions.The bell founder driven out by price competition by the influx of zinc bells now earns his living casting plaster figurines.The homeland is rich in incident - PDF if one has the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Indirectly the record of discovery becomes for the modern reader the discovery of the past.A true translation would be to be as inspired as Fontane was by his memory of the Rheinsberg Palace, to look about and to uncover the stories told by every stone and road.
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